Who we are

The International School of Juvenile Justice (ISJJ) is an international centre whose objective is to develop training and research programmes as well as to generate and disseminate knowledge in the field of the most relevant juvenile justice topics around the world.

Through training and research, the School's objective is to promote the integral development of minors and young people who find themselves in situations of exclusion, seclusion or at social risk.

The School is committed to promotion and participation in research projects, studies, publications, etc. as well as to organizing and participating in training actions, seminars, courses, conferences, etc.

The School also supports the international cooperation between professionals, academic and training institutions, and organizations that work in fields relating to juvenile justice.

Courses of the IJJO’s International School

The courses offered at the IJJO’s International School will be available in at least one of the three official languages of the Observatory: Spanish, English or French.

Current training courses

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