The International School of Juvenile Justice aims to achieve the following objectives, all of which are based on the integral promotion of minors and young people in exclusion, seclusion or at social risk:

  1. To develop training actions - delivered either in person or through distance learning - concerning the defence and protection of children's, adolescents' and young people's rights.
  2. To support the creation and dissemination of knowledge which contributes towards the improvement of the situation and treatment of minors and young people at social risk.
  3. To promote and participate in research in the fields of prevention, protection and intervention with regard to minors and young people, especially within the field of juvenile justice.
  4. To participate in international knowledge networks that contribute to the development of the objectives of the International School of Juvenile Justice.
  5. To encourage awareness actions regarding childhood, adolescence and youth.
  6. To promote knowledge of the situation of children and youth around the world, in close cooperation with observatories and organisations on different continents.